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The following REPL is provided kindly by javarepl.com. It allows you to type in Java commands and immediately see the results without bothering with that whole nasty compiler and IDE business. Just quick and easy Java at your fingertips.

My Site List

Be sure to checkout my other web sites and blogs. Here is a current list.

My Java Classroom
This is my newest Java blog. I teach Java basics and advanced topics for those interested in learning Java.

Java Programming Tutorials
This is one of my older Java tutorial sites. Currently I'm doing a lot of JavaFX tutorials on this site.

Games, Tutorials, and Shogi
This is one of my longest running sites. I've got games, tutorials and shogi pages all over the site.

Japanese Chess Site
This is the most popular of my current shogi sites. You can find links to tutorials, places to play online, and even play shogi against the AI on my prototype shogi game page.

Japanese Chess Network
I've began work on a multiplayer and single player shogi site. It needs lots of work still, but you can check out the current progress on the shogi game.

Shogi Blog
Shogi tutorials and shogi articles, and other fun shogi tidbits grace this blog.

Free Science Fiction
My semi-professional speculative fiction blog. I pay for stories by guest authors, and post my own stories as I have time to write them. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines page if you have any writing interests or talent. I also have some writing tutorials linked to from the site.

All Writing
This writing and author's blog is dedicated to the writing craft. I share insights on writing, stories, novels, and screenplays (let's be honest, by screenplays I mean TV and Movies I've watched and found impressive.) Anything about authorship is fair game on my "All Writing" blog.

The Write App
This is an online writing tool I designed specifically for authors. It is secure, so you can use it on non-private or public computers if you are forced to. It is easy to go into full-browser mode, so you don't get annoyed by the extra junk on the website. Also, many templates come with it for quick reference for story authors. Also, the story diagram section allows for drag-and-drop outline rearrangement of stories. It has fully integrated Google Drive support, and even does real-time word counts of the story section selected, so you can check if you are reaching your daily writing goals.

Science Fiction Stories ... sometimes
I write flash fiction and vignettes daily for this blog. Okay. Maybe, whenever-I'm-in-the-mood is more accurate than daily. I have fun with them, and sometimes they actually are Science Fiction. I don't take these daily story brain-dumps very seriously, so don't expect to find the best of writing, but if you just want to blow 30 seconds reading something weird or interesting, then this is the site for you.

Prepper Farm
What is a prepper? A prepper is someone that likes to be prepared for things as simple as unemployment or a flat tire, or a furnace braking in the middle of a blizzard, or at the far extreme, ... the zombie apocalypse. This site get's very political and opinionated. If you like your safe-space, tremble at the thought of micro-agression, and think only white guys can be sexist and racist, ... don't hang out here. You pajama boys have been warned.

Homestead or Bust
My wife and I want a small homestead with enough land for some chickens, horses, and a small orchard. This is our adventure as it unfolds. If nothing more, it documents the fun activities my family spends together reaching for a difficult dream.

All Computer Programming
"All Computer Programming" is a blog about anything to do with computer programming. It's fun to program computers, and I love writing tutorials. However, many tutorials just don't quite fit into my other computer programming sites and blogs.

Scala Programming Explained
I explain how to program Scala on this Scala blog. Scala is one of the best languages for the JVM, so if you're interested in writing code for the JVM, but bored of Java you might want to check out my Scala blog.

Learning Clojure Programming
I love experimenting with AI and LISP type languages, but my favorite platform is the JVM. That's why I picked up Clojure. I absolutely love the power of Clojure. And for those that want to program for the web or .NET, then Clojure has compilers for that too. There's no good reason to not learn closure.