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Shogi Game Notation … Japanese Style

First off, this seems like a good place to mention the kanji for shogi. If you go looking up shogi in a japanese dictionary, remember that in Japanese, the pronunciation is actually “shougi” not “shogi”. Shogi has been in English long enough that the “u” was dropped from the name.

Shogi in Kanji

Now for the Japanese notation.

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Portable Shogi Notation (PSN) Specification

Portable Shogi Notation (PSN) Specification (Draft 1 - accepting comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism)

(last updated, August 1, 2009)



* compatibility with current Portable Shogi Notation file conventions
* free opensource reference implementations in common programming languages to encourage compliance to current standard
* information on *.kif to *.psn and *.psn to *.kif file format conversion
* conventions for common and custom attribute/value declarations in game records
* conventions for commenting games
* conventions for recording standard and non standard shogi variations

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