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Shogi Game Notation … Japanese Style

First off, this seems like a good place to mention the kanji for shogi. If you go looking up shogi in a japanese dictionary, remember that in Japanese, the pronunciation is actually “shougi” not “shogi”. Shogi has been in English long enough that the “u” was dropped from the name.

Shogi in Kanji

Now for the Japanese notation.

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Shogi (Japanese Chess) Rules


Shogi is not hard to learn. Children can learn this game and so can you. If you have ever played Chess, you have a head start, but that is not a prerequisite.

Traditionally Japanese calligraphy is used to mark the pieces in Shogi. This can intimidate westerners that can’t read Japanese. Luckily there are other styles of sets out there to make life easier for the beginner. Typically, once you’ve learned to play, you’ll want to take the time to learn the symbols the Japanese use for each piece.

I wrote this explanation of the rules of shogi several years ago, and included a version of them in my book, Tsume Puzzles for Japanese Chess.

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