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Basic Java Object Oriented Programming

Java was written around the concept of Object Oriented Programming. That’s OOP for short. To understand Java programming, it’s useful to know what is meant by “objects” and “object oriented.”

Let’s explore objects by using the example of a car. A car has an owner, gas, and the ability to move. A car is an object. Objects encapsulate identity, state, and behavior. In the case of our car, the car’s identity might be Tom’s car. It is in the state of having a half tank of gas. Also, one of the car’s behaviors is its ability to accelerated so it is moving or braking to a stop. Continue reading Basic Java Object Oriented Programming

Anatomy of Java Programs

For a quick example of setting up Eclipse and creating a Java program, check out my last tutorial. That tutorial explains the benefits of using Java as your primary programming language, and writing your first Java program. There are literally thousands of programming languages out there, but Java is a strong versatile language for doing most types of computer programming in.

As mentioned in my last Java tutorial, Eclipse is an IDE used for creating Java programs. When you open Eclipse, you choose a workspace to develop in. Workspaces are just folders  on your computer. Usually, a workspace contains projects that represent a program related library.

You can create  as many workspaces as you want and only place related projects in workspaces together. For instance, you might have one workspace for school assignments, and another workspace for work tasks.

Anatomy of a Java Program
Java applications are created in workspaces that contain projects or programs. Programs are made of packages, and packages contain classes. Classes contain methods that contain the actual Java commands.

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Begin Programing Computers with Java

Anyone can program computers for free. Even if you have absolutely no experience and no idea how to start programming, you can learn to program computers. I started out knowing nothing about computers, and now have 20 years of professional programming experience on top of 10 more years of programming for fun.

You can have the same success I’ve had at programming computers. You only need to start learning, and consistently practice what you learn.

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