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New English Shogi Books

Shogi is not nearly as popular as I’d like it to be in English speaking countries. Most shogi enthusiasts feel the game¬†should be at least popular enough that chess enthusiasts¬†have heard of it. But alas, even most geeky chess players have never heard of shogi or Japanese chess.

A side effect of the challenge of finding shogi players in America and other English speaking countries is that very few shogi books are published for English speakers. I generally buy every English shogi book I can find, and often have a complete collection of every published magazine and book written in English.

Today, I was glad to discover my shogi book collection is once again out-of-date. I was glancing at Amazon and discovered two new English language shogi books I don’t own. It was all I could do to prevent myself from whipping out the already overused credit card and purchasing them on the spot.

Amazon Shogi Book Suggestions
I spotted some new shogi books on Amazon’s site.

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