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Computer Programming Tutorials Migrated

I finished migrating my shogi web pages a while back. Now I have also migrated all my computer programming pages. Each tutorial is its own blog post. I’m still figuring out what to do about my applets since WordPress hates embedded programs.

I think my next goal is to write a whole bunch of Java and Clojure tutorials. If there is part of Java or Clojure that you would like a tutorial on, contact me on Twitter @TGeneDavis . Just DM me, and let me know your needs. If it catches my interest, I might be persuaded to post a tutorial on this blog.

-T. Gene Davis

Shogi Pages Migrated, … Time for Lambda Fuctions

It took a couple of days, but all my old shogi pages are posted to this new site. I looked into putting my shogi applet up, but my provider doesn’t permit applets. I am looking to migrate it to a Google app, but that will take time. On the bright side, all the tsume puzzles, shogi PDF boards, and rules are up on this site.

Next up, I will start migrating my old computer tutorials and updating the ones that make sense to update. I think I’ll take a break first, and write a tutorial on higher order functions in Java 8. I don’t think most established Java programmers realize what a big deal lambda functions are.

Migrating to New Site

I’m migrating my tutorials, Shogi (Japanese Chess) resources, and other pages to this new site. Expect it to all show up.

If you don’t see something that you miss, or want custom tutorials, then leave a comment. I don’t mind special requests!

-Terrance Gene Davis