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Computer Programming Tutorials Migrated

I finished migrating my shogi web pages a while back. Now I have also migrated all my computer programming pages. Each tutorial is its own blog post. I’m still figuring out what to do about my applets since WordPress hates embedded programs.

I think my next goal is to write a whole bunch of Java and Clojure tutorials. If there is part of Java or Clojure that you would like a tutorial on, contact me on Twitter @TGeneDavis . Just DM me, and let me know your needs. If it catches my interest, I might be persuaded to post a tutorial on this blog.

-T. Gene Davis

Passing User Events to Clojure from Java GUIs

copyright 2010 by Terrance Gene Davis

So you want to create a complex GUI to stick on the front end of your Clojure application. You might have noticed that there are not a lot of Clojure GUI development tools out there. That’s fine. Clojure plays real nice with Java, and Java has lots of GUI creation tools.

My favorite Java GUI creation tool is JFormDesigner. It doesn’t cost much, and has a lot of power. After creating a GUI with JFromDesigner (or your favorite GUI design tool) it is relatively painless to integrate your Java GUI with your Clojure application.

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Blazing Fast Clojure Command Line Tools

Clojure’s a cutting edge lispy language, but has shared a common problem with Java. In the past, it took too long starting  up to use Clojure for creation of command line tools. When you type

ls -la

tail -f

cd /

or any other command, you expect immediate gratification, not ten seconds of painful lag. Clojure’s finally on the command line train.

Now, I’m not the first coder to make fast command line apps with Clojure, but I’m still excited to share what I learned. So hold on tight. I’m going to give a very quick overview on how to create extremely fast command line tools with Clojure.

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