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C conversions between Hexadecimal and Decimal

Here is some C code I threw together back in 2001 for converting hexadecimal to decimal, and converting decimal to hexadecimal. It isn’t really complex code, unless you need it now and you haven’t done it before. The best use for this code is to compile it and use it as a command line utility with your favorite OS.

For your convenience, here it is.

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Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0

Intro Apache Mod

Credits: This document was written by Terrance Davis at the request of emWare, Inc.  ( was a device networking company), and released with permission to the Apache community in 2002.

This seems to be accurate as of Apache 2.0.39. At least it will give a good starting point into what has traditionally been a sparsely documented area of Apache. This document is written from the Unix perspective, but should not need much modification to work under other platforms.

In the past it was been very difficult for coders unfamiliar with the guts of Apache to get a start on making custom mods. Currently (July 2002) this is even more difficult because, though Apache 2.0 is shaping up nicely, the documentation available to the public has not caught up. I spent a lot of time reading comments in the Apache source code while researching this document.

Let’s start by jumping into the friged waters head first. Let’s make a mod.

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