Five Move Tsume #1

Solve this tsume puzzle in five moves. (black-white-black-white-black)



Five Move Tsume #1

Scroll down past the filler and plug for my tsume book to see the answer.

Just a bit of background on tsume, … Tsume are the shogi equivalent of chess mating problems. Practicing solving tsume puzzles is considered a great way to sharpen your shogi skills. Many books are sold in Japan dedicated to tsume riddles of varying skill levels.


Tsumeshogi Rules

The rules to tsume are listed below.

  1. All standard shogi rules apply, except that the black player’s king is often not represented on the board.
  2. Black moves first, facing up the board. White moves second, facing down the board.
  3. Every move by black must result in a check or checkmate of white’s king. It is assumed that even one move by black that does not result in check or checkmate of white results in checkmate of the black player.
  4. White has all pieces not represented on the board in hand, except for the black king, and can drop them into play to avoid check.
  5. Futile interposition is not allowed. This includes any drops or moves that do not essentially change the outcome of a black attack.
  6. All black’s pieces in hand (including those captured during the puzzle) are used in solving the puzzle. This means that white must choose moves that forces black to exhaust his pieces in hand.
  7. Find solutions for all of white’s potential moves.


Honestly, I just needed some filler to separate the solution from the above puzzle, and to prevent Google or another search browser from giving away the puzzle solution in the website summary. I’ll keep this filler info slash plug for my book on all the tsume puzzle pages to separate the solution from the puzzle. Just ignore it, and keep scrolling. The solution is below, … trust me.

I really got into creating my own tsume for a couple of years. I put most of the resulting collection of tsume puzzles into book form, and called it Tsume Puzzles for Japanese Chess.

Tsume Puzzles for Japanese Chess


Centuries before sudoku, crossword puzzles, or word searches challenged Western minds, Japanese military and royalty were creating and enjoying tsume puzzles. Tsume puzzles are mating puzzles for shogi (Japanese chess.) Shogi’s history dates back 1000 years with archeological evidence that shogi existed in Japan at least by the 11th century. Some of the greatest know tsume puzzle books date back several centuries. Tsume puzzles have a long and honored tradition. Tsume are widely recognized to improve shogi skills. Tsume are also fun puzzles that anyone can enjoy. Whether your interest is in improving your shogi game, or just solving puzzles, my book provides many hours of entertaining shogi riddles. In my book you will find:
* A complete introduction with rules of tsume puzzles and shogi rules that apply
* Over 200 tsume puzzles of varying difficulty
* Puzzles ranging from one move to thirteen moves
* Solutions
* Explanatory notes to many solutions
* A quick reference section for those new to tsume and shogi



solution #1: +P3ax2a, K1ax2a; G*3b, K2a-1a; G*2a, mate